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No Nonsense Approach

Our no nonsense approach

We do not operate some dating site policies you might be used to.

Look first, and for free We don't force you to make a profile with us only to find out there's nobody suitable for you. Do look first, then join in.

Our members are real and active There's no guessing here; you get to see how recently someone logged into our site. Inactive profiles are removed from our system.

No naughty policies It's easy to remove yourself from our site, and to stop a payment.

No scammers You may have seen it publicised that people around the world have been duped into sending money to internet fraudsters posing on dating sites. This kind of fake profile does not occur on affairsdating.net, we vet each profile joining us, and before it goes live (sorry for the wait folks!).

(you do know not to send money to strangers now don't you?)

This site is run by humans, not a computer We do not operate any ‘computer matching' or claim to know what type of person you should date. You are able to choose who you want to date, and with your friends. We offer FREE one to one advice for all our members.

We monitor on a continuing basis We police our site, looking out for unsavoury types, unpleasant language and any account anomalies. We review your profile after ever amendment you make (sorry for the wait!) to check you haven't mistakenly published any personal details. We regularly poll our community asking what features they want and where we can improve things – this makes up our workload.

Love 'N' Stuff We don't promise love - you can't promise love now can you?! Our site is designed for normal, cool people who are finding a good old-fashioned date hard to come by in today's mad world