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Contacting someone through this site gives you the opportunity to anonymously message or talk to someone before meeting them and plan your date safely. The message system at this site is anonymous (no-one will know your email address or personal details as long as you have made sure they are not featured in your profile, or in a message).

You are responsible for your own safety, however we've prepared some guidelines here that we hope will be useful to you. Please do take the time to read them - click below on the 'question mark' icons to read more!

At first Use ONLY the messaging system at affairsdating.net - it's safe, as it doesn't give out any of your personal details. Don't put personal details in your profile, or in any of your messages (your phone number, your real email address, your address, where you work etc)

When you want to pursue a date with someone If you, with time, learn more about someone and choose to set up a date you may need to share some contact information with them. We advise using a free email account like Hotmail or Yahoo if you have to email outside of this site, or to telephone using a mobile phone number that you can easily change (don't forget if you telephone someone you can block your number from appearing in their Caller ID)

Go with your feelings; be careful, and do not continue correspondence if you suspect someone is: Being dishonest with you Trying to pressurise you into a date, or find out your personal info Ignoring your questions Inconsistent with their information (look back through your correspondences)

And then...the date Here are a few general tips for meeting someone for the first time: We recommend trying to organise a double date so that you can both bring someone along, or even better going out with a group of joint friends. Don't forget your date is still a stranger to you. Make sure you meet in a public place that you know. If you Don't already know it, go to the place in advance so that you can be sure it will be busy with general public, and you won't end up on your own. Don't be shy about ringing the venue to ask about how busy they will be, and if there's a table/bar you can book that's well in view. Do not arrange to be picked up or taken home (remember your personal details need to stay that way!), so make your own travel arrangements

Tell a trusted friend about your date: pass them the information you have about the person you are meeting, and ask them to be available in case you need some support. Tell them where you are going, how long you expect to be, call them during the date, and when you have arrived back home alone safely. Take it slowly. It take's time to get to know someone - anyone worth dating will understand that you need to stay safe, and go slow Be prepared with a plan so that you can get away whenever you like, and Don't let yourself be anywhere where there is no-one to call on, if a room starts to empty, move to where there are plenty of people around you.

Take a mobile phone with you (FULLY CHARGED & WITH PLENTY OF CREDIT!) and arrange to call to a friend during the date, or for them to call you during the date and check you are ok. Anytime you go out fakes and weirdos can be in the pub/bar or restaurant you are in. Meeting someone from affairsdating.net is no different, however you will have had an opportunity to chat with that person and to be in control of your own safety. Always use your common sense and go with your feelings, Don't worry about seeming overly cautious, anyone worth dating will understand. Similarly, always keep an eye on your own drink

Always stay in control - Don't worry about being polite if you are asked to do something you Don't want to do - say no and be forceful with your statement.

Remember; TELL US if you have met someone who seems to be dishonest, or someone who made you feel uncomfortable And lastly - you've had a few dates….USE A CONDOM!

Get your photo uploaded Without a photo your profile will not be as noticeable as those with a photo (in fact some people don't even consider profiles that have no photo). Just a head and shoulders shot of you, with a smile, will get you far. Don't panic about your photo - no one likes a photo of themselves!

Be proactive Don't just sit back and wait to get a message - get out there and start talking! Everyone's in the same boat at affairsdating.net - the people who are more pro-active are more likely to find some great potential dates.

Go slow Don't make a date after your first few messages with someone. Make sure you have answered all the questions you would want to know about someone first. Keep checking back to their profile to see if their correspondence matches the description that you read about them (for example 'she's hysterically funny' girl may not have been amusing to you at all, or 'single no kids man' might mention half term holiday access!).

Be honest Be honest in your correspondence - you'll get found out sooner or later if you aren't (all rocket scientists will be hunted down and queried!).

Go with your feelings, if you aren't sure - don't respond to a message - no one will be offended. If you write to people in the same manner you would to your existing friends, then someone will get a good idea of the sort of person you are.

Tell us if you're unhappy It's really important to us and to you that this site is a safe place, for honest people. If you think someone is abusing the system let us know - we'll look into it (the user won't know you have highlighted them). No harm can be done in letting us know, so we can look out for any possible rogues on your behalf.

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